I believe in a world, where thoughts have power. That what we think, how we talk to ourselves, has a direct impact on our lives.

When we talk with kindness, love and compassion to ourselves. We begin to treat others the same way also. We start to create ripples that change the world, one peaceful and loving action at a time.

With writing, I use this space to process through my emotions. My thoughts and feelings, so I can see how I can be more loving. I can explore my fears, I can let go of hurts. I discover depths of myself, I didn’t know was possible.

This blog, is my safe space. To share with you, how writing helps me. In turn, I hope that I can inspire you see writing in a new light. That writing isn’t about being published, or writing novels. You don’t need to write lengthy articles, full of facts. Writing is something that can be done for the joy of it. For helping us to deal with our experiences and emotions. For unlocking talents and bravery in us, that we didn’t think possible.

I’ve used writing as a way to help me go through a separation from my husband. To begin dating again, to question my sexuality, and to handle the ups and downs of a new relationship. I’ve used it to out pour my stresses of moving on a narrowboat with my two children. To reminding myself of how much bravery and courage I have. Writing is a means into the soul and when we allow it, it can both surprise and excite us beyond our imaginations.

Love & blessings,