As a trained Heal your life® coach and workshop leader, I’m here to help you to be the best you, that you can be.

  • I believe that we all have the ability to be happy and that life shouldn’t feel like a struggle.
  • I believe that our bodies were designed to support us in all that we do and not break down as we get older.
  • I believe that we can all have deep and meaningful relationships with each other. We are not alone in this world.
  • I believe that we can be in control of our health and not victims of random misfortune.
  • I believe that we can break free of the limits and beliefs that stop us being happy.
  • I believe that we all have unique gifts and that we can all shine brightly.

Nurturing Happiness, is about being happy with who we are, just as we are right now in this moment of time. It’s not about waiting for the right conditions, a better job, a bigger house or a flashy car. It’s not about meeting the right person to fill the hole in our hearts with. It’s not about other people treating us better.

Starting today, we can change our thoughts one at a time to create a better and brighter future. We can change old beliefs and viewpoints that no longer serve us. We can let go of the resentment and anger that hold us in the past. We can begin to love and accept ourselves as we are.

We can let go of the fear, anxiety, depression and ill health that holds us back. We can let go of the extra-weight, the need to procrastinate, the excuses, the self-sabotage. We can let go of the feelings of not being good enough, of not deserving happiness, of inner-conflict.

Finding happiness and inner peace

Through the work of Louise Hay and her Heal your life® workshops, I have changed my life and my mind around. I have found a sense of happiness and inner peace and for the first time ever, I know how to maintain it. My anxiety levels have dropped, my energy has increased and I love and accept myself for who I am. I’m continuously moving forward in areas where I was previously stuck. I am excited about the future that I am creating happy.

My purpose here is to help you find that happiness and inner peace too because I believe that you deserve it too.


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