Dear Coach series – Changing friendships

Changing friendships

Dear Coach,

I have been going through a large spiritual change in my life and I’m struggling with my changing perspectives towards the people I have in my life. Especially those who don’t seem to match my new beliefs and interests and no longer seem to be a support to me as I change.

I feel like I am loosing people in my life who used to be very important, at times I feel like I am grieving. How do I let go of them and learn to accept this loss in my life and come to terms with these changes so that I  can continue to grow and move forward on my path?

Thank You, Julie

Dear Julie,Changing friendships

As we move along on our spiritual paths, there will often be people that don’t understand. Some will naturally fall away and others will take on new roles. Be sure to understand and acknowledge those in your life and accept them for who they are.  Each of us has a piece of the divine within us, a piece of the creator. Unconditional love and abundance is our birthright. See your friends and accept them for who they really are, past the fear and worries they have created for themselves and to the divine within each of them.

You may wish to use the following affirmations

  • I love and accept my friends.
  • I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
  • I lovingly bless and release <insert name>.
  • I am willing to forgive <insert name>.

By concentrating on loss, it blocks new people and opportunities coming into your life. Although your older friendships are changing, there are an infinite number of people out there waiting to meet with you. Use the affirmation ‘I am surrounded by like minded people’ to attract them. Consider new groups or places where you could meet people with a similar mindset to yourself. You will find there are many people who will support you on your journey.

Love and blessings,


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