Dear Coach series – Feeling dismissed by a friend

Dismissed by a friend

Hi Coach,

Hope you are good.

What is the best way to respond (or not respond but help yourself inwardly at least) when your personal experience (in my case one of a spiritual nature) has been totally invalidated and dismissed by your friend? Thanks.

Dear friend,

Dismissed by a friend

Why is it that you seek your friend’s approval and acceptance over sharing this personal experience? Does it make your experience any less true, if she doesn’t accept it herself?

In sharing your spiritual experience, you felt invalidated and dismissed by your friend. Is your friend, reflecting back to you, your own worries about sharing your story? Is there part of you that feels like no one will believe you?

Part of finding our authenticity and voice, is letting go of other people’s expectations and the need for their approval. If we always did what we thought everyone else wanted, we would be very conflicted and unhappy people! By learning to let go of other people’s acceptance of ourselves, we begin to open up to show the real self within. Not everyone will agree with what you have to say and that is ok.

Don’t let this one incident stop you from sharing your experience. Use it as an opportunity to let go of other’s approval. There are people who your experience will resonate with. By sharing your spiritual experience, it allows others to share their authentic selves to.

Use the affirmation, 50-100 times daily. ‘I love and approve of myself. I release the need to seek approval from others.’

You will find this affects many areas of your life. It will help you to feel more confident in yourself and your decisions, without the fear of what other’s think.

Love and blessings,


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