Dear Coach series – Putting on weight after giving up smoking

Putting on weight after giving up smoking

Dear coach,

Putting on weight after giving up smoking

About 2 weeks ago I gave up smoking, I am currently using one of these vape things to help me, which is good and helping.But the one thing that has really worried me about giving up smoking is putting on weight… one of the reason’s why I have been reluctant to give up smoking.

I do want to live a much healthier life.

Over the last 18 months I have lost between  5.5-6 stone in weight and still have a couple more stone to go.
The thing is having given up smoking I can feel tightness in my trousers as I have gained a few pounds. I really don’t want to go back to smoking but I really don’t want to gain the weight back either.

But I’m getting frustrated as part of me could so easily start the smoking again just to stop the weight gain but I don’t want to!!!

I want to still loose weight and stay off of the cigarettes. Can you help?

Dear friend,

Be kind to yourself and your body, while it readjusts to this new change. Your body is beginning to heal from smoking and it needs time to reverse the damage. Trust that your body is doing all that it needs to and rejoice in how amazingly, clever and brilliant it is!

By focusing your thoughts on the worry about weight gain, you are buying into the belief that giving up smoking causes weight gain. It doesn’t have to. Instead turn your focus back to how much happier you feel as a slimmer you. Remember how proud of yourself you have been for losing the weight so far and the steps you took to do so.

Take joy in moving your body and find new ways to nourish and nurture yourself.

Affirm that ‘I feel great in my body, I am the perfect weight. I am active and my body supports me in all that I do.’

Love and blessings,


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