How to get more help with the housework without saying a single word

For a little bit of fun, I would like to share with you one of my favourite affirmations. This one is a big hit amongst my married mum friends and they are always amazed when it works. So today I’m going to teach you how to encourage your partner and kids to do more housework without saying a single word.

Now a little bit of a disclaimer. I’m not asking you to change your family, because that is quite honesty impossible. The only thing you can do, is to change yourself and watch the response of those around you. I’m also assuming that you  do your fair share of housework or more to begin with. The point of this exercise is for you to be supported by your partner and children, not to turn them into domestic slaves.

So here is my favourite housework affirmation: I am supported by my family with the housework.

If you are new to affirmations, say this thought to yourself as many times as possible. You can say it quietly in your mind or shout it out loud, but say it as often, up to 100 times a day if you can. Then carry on as normal and see what happens. Be careful not to get cross if you don’t get results, just quietly keep saying it to yourself. Remember to be open to receiving help however it is offered.

So why and how does this work? How can a thought get me out of my domestic mess?

Based on our previous family patterns and experiences during life, we take on certain beliefs that now shape our present moment.

Sometimes we decline help because we want things done to our standards or timescales. This is often reflected with our children, they wish to help but we don’t always have the time and patience to teach them how to contribute to the household. We may moan at the way our partner seems to miss the corners when hoovering and declare it’s better to do it ourselves. Maybe we take over with bedtimes because they are overexciting the children.  Or we may take on large amounts of chores out of guilt, such as one partner working long hours or undervaluing our own role.

Over time we create and reinforce beliefs, that we don’t receive enough support. Often we hold the belief that there is no point asking for help. It’s less work to just do it ourselves!

The affirmation ‘I am supported by my family with the housework’ is simply an invitation to allow others to help us.  Without saying a single word, those around us subconsciously pick up on our openness to receive help. Our partners and children (as they mature), wish to help and support us. It’s important to them to feel included and contribute to the household. For children in particular it gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility.

What should I expect?

If you use the affirmation regularly than expect to receive more help! Be open and willing to accept whatever help you receive, even if it’s not how you expect it. It may not be to your standards, timescale or how you would do it yourself. Be thankful and allow others the opportunity to grow in their new responsibilities. Be ready to offer support and guidance, also accepting that others may do things differently.

If you are open and willing in your new belief to be supported, you allow your family to express the gift of giving to you.


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