8 Top tips for writing and using affirmations

One of my favourite activities is writing affirmations. Sometimes it’s just one or two that I want to concentrate on, other times I write pages and pages. Writing and using affirmations doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult, so I’ve put together these 8 top tips to help you along.

#1 Be clear on what you want

Be sure to only focus on what it is that you do want, there’s no need to say what you don’t want. If you include negative words, then that’s what you will receive. How many times have you said to yourself, ‘don’t forget..’ only to forget the very thing you meant not to. We may not realise it but forget is a negative action we focus on, what we really want to be saying is ‘remember!’ If there’s something you don’t want, then be sure to describe the outcome that you do want instead.

#2 Keep them personal and in the present tense

You can’t change other people and how they interact and view the world, you can only change yourself. Keep your affirmations personal, things you would like to receive or qualities you would like to have.

You want to write your affirmation as if it’s already true, that you have already received what you have asked for. If you write it in the future, then it’ll always be just out of your reach. It may not feel like it’s true and that’s ok for now. Repeat it over and over again and trust that it will come true in time. If your affirmation is partially challenging, then start with the words I’m willing to.

#3 Convey emotion with positive energetic feelings

The more feeling you can add to your affirmations, then the quicker that they can come true! Adding in positive words such as joy, excitement, passion and love, can help to increase the amount of emotion you add to your affirmation. When you say your affirmation to yourself, be sure to really feel these words and the positive emotions they convey.

#4 Let go of how you receive it

Be careful not to outline how you will receive that you are asking for. If you want a holiday somewhere warm and sunny, then affirm and visualise for it. Don’t be tempted to ask for money so you can go away because there’s more than one way to receive what you have asked for. If you try to outline how you will receive your affirmation, it may take longer to come to you. There’s more than one way to go on holiday, a friend may offer you the use of their holiday home, a family member may offer to pay or you may even win a holiday!

#5 Let go of your timeline

One of the hardest parts of affirmations is letting go of it. If you hold onto it too tightly, then it’s much less likely to be delivered to you. If you struggle with this, try writing a whole page of affirmations, one quickly after the other. This way as you write one, you let it go of it as you move onto the next exciting thought.

#6 Believe that you deserve to receive it

There’s no point writing and using affirmations to become a millionaire, if you don’t believe you deserve it! If you find you are using affirmations without results, stop and take a few deep breaths to tune in with your body. Ask yourself if you deserve to receive what you are asking for, or if there’s something blocking you from receiving. You may need to work on old belief patterns first, where you previously felt you didn’t deserve to receive goodness.

#7 Listen carefully for actions you may need to take

Sometimes when we ask for things, we may need to take some action as well to make it happen. Be open to listening for feelings about the next step to take towards your affirmation coming true. You may need to make a phone call, go a different way to work or some other task that’s different from the norm. Listen to your inner wisdom and be ready to take action on the steps it calls you to do.

#8 Be grateful that it’s come true

Lastly, be thankful your affirmation has come true! There’s no need to actually wait for it to have materialised, be thankful now as you trust that it has and will come to you.

I hope you have fun writing your affirmations and using them. Please do share below if you have any tips you would like to share or you have any questions.

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