To the world of I can’t

To the world of I can’t.
I hear you.
To the world of I can.
You are but a whisper.
I wish you would shout.

To the world outside of me.
I see you but I am not part of you.
To the world I cannot see.
I need you more than ever.
Tina Boulton

To the world of I can’t

How much easier it is in life to hear the I can’ts! Yet when we need them, the I can seems so small and meek. We forget so much of what we are capable of and how far we have grown and come in life. How different would your life look if you said I can more often?

The majority of our beliefs, we have formed by the age of 5 years old. I wonder how many times before that we were told we couldn’t do something? That we were to small, to weak, it wasn’t safe, it’s not done that way, you hadn’t behaved yourself enough for it. Imagine holding onto those same beliefs throughout your life? Having an inner voice that told you that you weren’t good enough.

When we view the world through the eyes of a very young child, there is so much that they can do. They dream of being whatever they want to be, without needing to get dragged down by all the details. They can be an astronaut or ballerina, a fire fighter or a vet. There is no thought as to how, they just embrace the  joy of the vision.

To the world of I can

The good news, is that we can change those beliefs when we tune into what our inner voice is telling us. Listen carefully to the words you use throughout your day. Do you gossip or criticise others? Are you ready to step in and make corrections for others, or do you often find yourself feeling impatient?

How we treat others, is simply an extension of how we treat ourselves. Sometimes it can be easier to identify what we say out loud or through our emotions, rather than the voice within us. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself and others, it only reinforces beliefs that you gained when you were younger.

Begin to focus on the qualities you would like and tell yourself often that you have these. I am safe. I am good enough. I am worth loving. I can do anything I desire. When you next find yourself saying I can’t, stop and observe your feelings. What is stopping you? A feeling of being inadequate, of not being good enough? Understand that these feelings come from long held beliefs and they are simply not true. They are beliefs given to you by others, because they did not feel good enough about themselves.

Be willing to let go of the old and embrace a new, stronger, more confident person. Know that you are deserving of happiness and following your dreams. You are supported by those around you, when you support yourself. Next time you hear a thought of I can’t, thank it for sharing. There’s no need to fight it, as that’s only fighting yourself. Just gently correct it that with the new belief that you can and start living a life full of possibilities.

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