Why we need to drop the mother guilt

To all the mums doing their best,

It’s time to stop and take a breath.

It’s time to care for you and to leave behind your worries if only for a few minutes. Know that you are doing your very best and that is enough. That you cannot be or do what you do not know. If you could do better you would. Right now you are doing your very best and that is enough.

Motherhood is not about having all of the answers. It’s not about being perfect or having unlimited amounts of patience. Be as kind and gentle, as playful or wild as you can be. Grow daily in your love for yourself and the children you care for.

And when you can’t be and the anger rises or the sense of failure grows. Know that you are the perfect mother for your children, even in your low moments. You are enough.

Do not waste time wallowing in your guilt. Pick yourself up and carry on. Forgive yourself.

Your failures are your children’s lessons. Do not deprive them of their life lessons by wasting time in guilt. Show them that you are willing to learn from your mistakes. Dust yourself off and try harder but do not waste time in pity and guilt for it serves no one.

Your children love you, for all of you. They do not question if you should be a mother, they trust that you are. They share in your joy and they learn from your sorrows. They see you push past your fears and make things right when they go wrong.

Trust that you are perfectly matched for your children. We all have lessons to learn on this planet. See your children as your teachers, just as much as they see us as theirs. As you grow from the lessons they teach, so will they grow from you.

You are the perfect mother and you will always be enough. Trust yourself because you have all the answers you need within yourself.

With all my love, one mother to another x

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